martes, 27 de enero de 2015


Hey! Good morning everyone!
It's me, Mr. Potato!! 
Do you know me? I am that famous potato that you can play with changing my body parts as many time as you want. It is actually very fun to play with me... and you can learn a lot of things! So, that is what all the four year old children of the Santa Gema School did in the English classroom last week.

We started learning all the body parts with songs and games like "Simon says". And then, we wanted to experience with the real Mr. Potato! We first thought how many things we needed:

1 nose
1 mouth
2 eyes
2 ears
2 arms
2 feet
and even a hat if you wanted to!

After have been playing for a while, we made our own potatoes. We chose our favourites body parts, then we decorated them, cut them and pasted them... and finally we had a lot of different potatoes! Even a fireman potato... 

Sandra Alguacil
Tutora de 4 años C

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