lunes, 3 de marzo de 2014


As you all know, we have started a new and healthy proyect about Nutrition and healthy food.
As we learnt in the gymkana we had few weeks ago, it is no good for us eating chocolate, sweets and cakes everyday. So, from te school we tried to keep a healthy diet. For this reason, we have now the new breakfast plan at the school.
We are too young still to understand why we should eat these things, but through different activities we will try to manage it.
In the English classroom we have got already a beautiful calendar with all the food we should eat for breakfast.

With it, we play choosing what do we have to bring each day of the week,

And at the same time we learn new vocabulary about food.

This is also the perfect chance to know better the days of the week.

Bye, bye and enjoy your healthy meals!!
Sandra Alguacil Morgádez
Tutora 3 años C 
Colegio Santa Gema Galgani

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