lunes, 20 de enero de 2014


Our children have to review some English vocabulary and the best way to do it is through a fun and easy game.

This game consists on calling a boy or a girl to come to the blackboard so that he/she cannot see what the teacher is drawing over their head.

With this game we can practice vocabulary such as: the family members, the clothes, the animals, the colours, and the shapes for example.

The child has to ask the class, for example: IS IT A LION?. And the rest of the class answer: on the one hand YES IT IS (if the answer is correct) or on the other hand, NO IT ISN´T (if the answer is not correct). 

So in this case the child has to keep asking some questions to try to guess which animal, colour, transport… is over their head.

Here you can see some pictures of them playing and enjoying this game.

Verónica Alonso
Patricia Rubio
Sandra Pizarro
Tutoras de 4 años

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