viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

Pyschomotor activity in 5 years old.

Every week, 5 years old classes go to their favourite class of the week: psychomotor activity.

Normally, we start the class with brief warm-up exercises, such as moving our feet, arms, legs, wrists,ankles...guided by our teachers.

After that we run, jump, hop, and walk untill we are tired enough to listen again to the teachers.

After that, we always practise a funny sport, game or activity.

In these pictures you can see us playing bowls, doing competitions carrying balls with the forehead, pretending to be a tight-rope walker, or running in a zig zag without crashing into the cones.

It is so fun and and we always enjoy ourselves loads!

Ana Rubio
Silvia Lancho
Ana López
Tutoras de 5 años

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